A Memoir by Mary Bennett Golly


About the book

Plane Life: Highs and Lows is a memoir about perseverance, love and redemption, a young girl receives the calling to become a stewardess at a young age. When she grows up, it wasn't quite as easy as she thought it would be, getting the job, raising a family and riding the waves of bankruptcies and turbulent times in the airline industry.

About The Author

Mary Bennett Golly was born in 1952. Her parents met in Athens, Greece during World War II, then settled in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Mary’s birthplace. Her father was a captain in the British Army, her mother the daughter of the Chief of Police of Athens. Her father’s career with Goodyear took the family to Europe where he opened corporate offices and factories. Mary attended elementary school in Paris, middle school in Rome and high school at the American Community School of Athens. She speaks fluent French, Italian and Greek. In 1971 Mary immigrated to Miami, Florida and became a US citizen in 1976. She worked as a tour guide escorting foreign tourists from South Florida to Walt Disney World. Finally realizing her lifelong dream, Mary was hired as a flight attendant with Eastern Airlines in 1984. Several bankruptcies and mergers led her from Eastern to Piedmont. The airline merged with USAirways and later with American Airlines. She still flies internationally to Greece, France, Belgium and Italy. Mary is a Certified Life Coach, writer and an accomplished watercolor artist. She lives in Saint Augustine, Florida with her husband John a retired airline captain. Mary’s passion is to serve and to fly. She enjoys lifelong learning and doing volunteer work with various projects.
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Book Reviews
Marie Vernon - St. Augustine Record
What makes a good memoir? The author’s ability to set ego aside and tell the story honestly — the good, the bad and even the ugly. Mary Golly has created not just a good memoir; she’s written an outstanding one, a story filled with intriguing personal experiences as well as an inside look at a fascinating occupation.

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Kathy Williams
The part about seminars etc had me in tears as it brought me back to that era that was difficult and painful for all of us who are connected forever. I could hear Dwayne's voice in your words! Great read! I found myself wanting to keep turning the page to read about the next adventure! I hope it soars to the best seller list!

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Susan Shrum
Mary Bennett Golly's autobiographical portrayal of a career with the airlines is spot on. I laughed and I cried as I read this book, totally relating to her journey as I...had a 41 year career as a flight attendant. It was a job I loved as well and this book reminded me again of the fun I had, the friends I made, and the value of the work I performed.

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